quarta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2010



there's no escaping the water
it draws me up this time of year
like anything i notice these days
just takes me away

it's like i've been out for ages
i wish i had more memories here
wearing off the buzz in my head
to stop me thinking of you

it's alright
i'll wake up
you never get a chance to dream
if you're never banged up
just like you never find a reason to kneel
if you don't ever mess up

i've been wasting the morning
musing on the time that passes
and trying to define what it is
that keeps me turning away

and while the summer collapses
blowing out its final breaths
i'm still dying to see you
some days


come october i'm hoping everything will be fine
i'm not trying to break your heart
just a couple more days
i'll stop wasting my time


Hoje não tem tradução. hehehe

Ponoka é uma banda canadense de Indie Rock. Procurem pelo material deles no You Tube.

Um ótimo September pra todos.

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